Zombicide Black Plague unboxing & component review!!!

Tis the Season and nothing says it more than a Medieval Zombie Plague…


I have been waiting for Zombicide Black Plague since the first day of the Kickstarter on June 8 2015. I was super excited when I found out they would be doing a wave one shipment that would be here before Christmas. So I counted the days and refreshed my tracking info page until my F5 key was all but worn out. As my bell rang I indeed felt like a kid on Christmas. I ran down the stairs camera in hand and immediately  started the unboxing! So without further ado here are my thoughts and pictures on this amazing game!!


The box art in typical Guillotine Games publication is amazing as usual. It is thick and sturdy.




Zombicide Black Plague comes with a beautifully illustrated 55 page rule book. It is chock-full of everything you need to know to survive this medieval zombie apocalypse and if all else fails it’s heavy enough to bludgeon someone with!




The packaging is top notch and the map boards and tokens are great quality. They are thick and clearly printed. The artwork is exceptional! I love the form fitting containers for the miniatures!


One of the really cool components released with Zombicide Black Plague is the Player Dash Board.  With one included for each of the 6 players these high quality player boards are sure to help organize play.


Personally I don’t really care for smaller card sizes (I am getting old and have to wear my glasses now ). However these are done really well the text is clear, artwork is high quality, and the stock is thick.

And now what would a Zombicide game be without looking at the miniatures!!??!!

minihero3 minihero2 minihero1

The Hero miniatures  are great and with all of that detail they are just begging to be painted! They are made of a sturdy plastic and will work well for all of those who want to paint them!


Same with the zombie miniatures. There are quite a few different sculpts for the horde. Not only are these great miniatures for a board game but I am sure these guys will be making an appearance  in some RPG games.. Makes me want to do a Zombie related D&D session!

In conclusion I am as always really happy with the quality we have come to see from Cool Mini or Not and Guillotine Games. I am sure that the game play with be equally amazing. We will be doing a how to play video as well as a full game review so make sure you stay tuned!

In the mean time you can check out a short glance review of the first mission at the link below.