Character log: Kirashi Skullsplitter joins the adventuring band



Kirashi Skullsplitter joins the adventuring band: I should have been more careful around the slavers. I find it difficult to control my emotions around them, especially those working for House Killhaven. Someday I will avenge my mother and find a way to rescue my brother; someday Lucas Killhaven’s corpse will become a plaything for wild dogs. I might have been safe from the slavers if I hadn’t been so curious. But I couldn’t help myself. There were too many strange occurrences happening in the area. I felt compelled to leave my secret cave in the mountains and investigate the area around Hillsfar. I had been shadowing a curious band of multi-racial adventurers for several days. I watched as they beat back a nighttime ambush by goblins, saved a Tiefling boy from wild dogs, and slew several demonic goats. I considered joining them, but I could not be sure if they would accept me. I could not help noticing that there were no humans in the group and that they were all male. It wasn’t until I saw them treat the small girl so kindly at the Goodroot Farm that I realized they could be trusted. And so I went back to the hidden cache to collect my weapons and belongings when I stumbled upon the Killhaven slavers. They were dragging a half-orc woman and joking about how enjoyable it would be to see her beaten in the pit. I probably should have walked away, but I couldn’t bear to see this proud woman treated so poorly. I pounced on the lead slaver and knocked him to the ground with a boot to his face. Within seconds I was surrounded by the slavers and fighting for my life. The slave fled in the confusion, leaving me all alone with the slavers. Suddenly I was dazed by a blow to my head from behind. As I lay on the ground in a stupor, struggling to remain conscious, I heard the slavers lamenting that they had lost the half-orc slave. They said they needed to produce a slave for tonight’s entertainment and decided I would have to do. They all joked about how they would have a little entertainment of their own after I was beaten in the pit. I blacked out and awoke in a locked room. Before I had any chance to escape, the door flung open and several armed men came for me. They dragged me out of the room and dumped me into a pit. Across from me was a shirtless man who stared at me with loathing. A crowd of drunken humans surrounded the pit. The crowd cheered as the shirtless man described how he was going to “destroy the filthy halforc scum”. I looked down and saw that my entire body was covered in greenish dye, mud, and dung. Apparently I was the “half-orc”. Before I had any chance to protest, the fight began. The shirtless man circled the pit and shouted racial slurs at me. But he was overconfident. As he continued his arrogant verbal assault, I called upon the Spirit of the Bear. I felt the rage building up inside of me, begging for release. My opponent moved in to begin the melee, but I barely felt his blows as I was consumed with rage. He seemed a little confused that his punches did not have the desired effect. But I didn’t give him long to think about it and soon pummeled him to the ground. The crowd became angry that I had so readily dispatched their champion and began calling for my blood. The armed men who had dragged me into this fight surrounded me. I was determined to fight them all when suddenly I heard a roar from across the room. A Dragonborn warrior approached the pit and demanded that I be released. I recognized this warrior. He was from the adventuring band I had determined to join.
I allowed the rage to leave me as I watched the unfolding events. The Dragonborn warrior faced down my captors and beat down their leader, forcing them to flee. Then the warrior invited me to join him and leave before law enforcement arrived. I gratefully accepted the offer to join the Dragonborn’s group as this had been my intent anyway. I fled with the adventuring band into the night.

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