Fantasy Grounds Dungeons & Dragons Session III


Recap of Session II From Zordak Ragefire’s perspective:


Log entry; 06/11/2016; Unusual Combat and What Follows
The events of the past evening are still fresh in my mind. The elven girl showed us the grim sight of her parents bodies, both decimated by a foul rotting disease and stored in the cellar under the farm house. She explained that she was to inherit the farm, but that she needed to come of age first and needed to get the shipment of beet juice delivered to buy her time. She then led us into a large antechamber off of the cellar where she was harboring a drow. He too was afflicted with the rotting disease and lay dying in the corner of the room, but was alive enough to speak with us. One of the company members was able to determine the origins of the fungal disease with use of his knowledge of nature. As we engaged the drow in conversations we were beset by dark dwarf from the Underdark and his two very large henchmen. They may have been half-giants. The dark dwarf demanded that we turn over the drow and then the room went black. The elf girl screamed and my new comrades drew their weapons. A mad melee ensued! As I am unable to see in the dark, I forced to hold any attack I might have made and instead lit a torch and flung it into the center of the room. With our collective sight restored, we were able to dispatch the dark dwarf’s henchmen and subdue the dwarf, but not without heavy casualties to our company. Fortunately the company travels with a dwarf who is practiced in the arts of healing magic. I have come to know him as Higar Mettlebender. We searched the corpses and found documents that looked like wanted posters. We surmised that this dark dwarf and his henchmen must have been bounty hunters. One poster contained a picture of the now dead drow that the elf girl was harboring and another, well, the picture drawn on it looked remarkably like one of the company members, a drow himself named Dresmorlin. This is worriesome news to the company as it means we will now trod an even more dangerous path with bounty hunters in pursuit of Dresmorlin. The elf girl beseeched us to help her complete her order of filling eight full casks of beet juice so that the Red Plume military would not take her farm and lands from her. Not delivering on a contract in the Hillsfar area appears to be grounds enough to get the authorities involved. We stayed and helped her complete the order, but there wasn’t enough time to finish all eight of the casks. We decided to deliver the six casks we were able to complete and our dark dwarf prisoner as compensation for the missing barrels. When the Red Plumes arrived I was forced to intercede on the elf girl’s behalf and intimidate the militia leader into taking the deal. We retired to the local town and found a tavern where we could resupply and rest. During this time I have learned the names of the company whom have graciously allowed me to join them. They appear to be a capable group I will study them and hope to learn more about the roles they will play as we travel:
Higar Mettlebender – Dwarf Priest
Eko – Dragonborn Warrior (shares my zeal for battle)
Zerus – Genasi
Zeddicus – Wizard
Dresmorlin – Dark Elf (I will keep an eye on this one)
Shamiamus – Half Elf (I will keep an eye on my coin purse around this one)
I have sealed a letter with my signet and dispatched it to my home in Djerad Thymar to update my family on my progress in hunting Murtogz and that with the additional support from this mercenary company I remain hopeful in my quest to safely return Zala and exact vengeance on the villainous scum who took her from us.

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