Character Spotlight: Zordak Ragefire



The Ragefire family is well respected in Djerad Thymar and are increasingly loyal to house Tarhun. Born into the noble house of Ragefire in Tymanther in the capital city of Djerad Thymar, Zordak, eldest son of the Ragefire family, was raised to be better than the rest, but to help those in need. His immense size and lightning speed helped him quickly move up through the ranks of the Lance Defenders and he was the youngest dragonborn ever to attain knighthood. He showed a great capacity for not only the martial skills, but also in strategy and gamesmanship. So adept was he at the non-combative components of warfare, that the wizards of Djerad Thymar approached his noble father, Angor Ragefire, about placing Zordak in one of the schools of magic. Angor left the decision to his eldest son, but Zordak declined this honor and defered magical training, until he could prove himself in real combat.

When he was just 20 years old Zordak’s youngest sister, Zala Ragefire, was captured by the black elder wyrm Murtogz who sought to destroy Vanquisher Tahrun by “thinning his brood”. Zordak swore an oath of vengeance and desctruction upon Murtogz and set out into the lands beyond Tymanther to hunt his prey and bring back his sister.

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