Character Spotlight: Eko



Eko is a dragon born, but not a typical one. He didn’t know his fellow dragonborns existed. He was unaware of a clan that he should have been raised by. All he knows is war and betrayal. His egg was captured by Maalthiir as he was fleeing Hillsfar Territory. His egg hatched in the midst of a military camp and from birth he was to be used as a weapon for Maalthiir to regain his throne. He was looked down upon by the majority of the military except by the other non-humans that were forced into fighting for Maalthiir, or had agreed to bonds of protection from him for their loved ones. One non-human was the Quartermaster/Weapons expert. He was a half human half Orc named Agarth. Agarth took a liking to Eko from a young age and taught him the true nature of battle. He gave Eko his name, when during his first battle he roared a mighty sound and burnt all his enemies to the ground. Agarth stated “The last thing your enemies will hear will be the echo of your screams. Henceforth, you will be known as Eko.” Agarth taught Eko many things about the times before war when all races were accepted and lived together. This was what was promised to Agarth from Maalthiir once he regained the throne in exchange for his military and training expertise. Upon the last siege of the Lord’s tower, Eko mauled through person after person, killing all in sight. Once the Lord took his throne he issued the decree to evict all non-humans. Some of the soldiers had resented the strict training and harshness of Agarth towards them and slaughtered him, attempting to kill Eko as well. Agarth was caught off guard by his comrades and soldiers he had trained. His head was removed clean from his shoulders and paraded around on a stick. When they tried to do the same to Eko his thick scales prevented his decapitation, leaving him with a deep crescent shaped scar from his neck to his shoulder. He was able to torch his enemies and escape from the city. Due to the betrayal, Eko has a blind hatred towards the Red Plumes and anyone that treats others unfairly. He is ruthless in combat due to his extensive training, but is often plagued by nightmares of his mentor’s death. All that matters to him now is regaining some level of peace in the world where humans and non-humans can live side by side. He would like to find the DragonBorn clan he should have been raised by, but does not know where to begin looking since he has only ever met one or two other Dragonborns.

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