Fantasy Grounds Dungeons & Dragons Session II


Recap of Session II

We join our adventurers as they set off to find Pynroth the missing tiefling boy. The party heads away from the farm on the east path the day is hot and muggy the ground still wet from the past rains. As they make their way down the path the adventurers notice tracks on the ground the observant Shamiamus spots that this appears to be a large pack of canines with one set of tracks that are much larger than the rest.


Hearing growling and barking from further down the path they rush ahead. The Party comes to a clearing into a pasture.  The normally bucolic setting is marred by a pack of wild dogs surrounding two figures, huddling together in fear. The larger figure is half-elven, wearing leather armor and clumsily brandishing a sickle to keep the yipping, growling dogs at bay. The half-elf has his other arm around a tiefling boy, presumably Pynroth. Tears in the half-elf’s cloak and blood on his arm showed that the wild dogs meant business.


Eko and Dresmorlin rush forward to help fight off the dogs as they do the dogs round on them. 8 rabid wild dogs rushed them. As Eko and Dresmorlin held off 5 of the dogs 3 of them made their way past to engage the rest of the party. With the party engaged the Monstrous Alpha Dog springs from behind and jumped on Zerus who was barley able to remain standing under the fierce attack.


As Shamiamus, Zerus , Zeddicus and Higar the Dwaven cleric fight off the Alpha and 3 wild dogs Eko makes a bold move dodging past several of the dogs. Eko unleashes his Dragonborn fire breath.


Making quick work of 4 or the 5 dogs as Dresmorlin’s rapier struck true and felled the the last of the dogs they were facing.

Meanwhile Zerus unleashed burning hands on the alpha dog burning away its matted mange filled coat. Shamiamus and Higar rain blows on the 3 remaining wild dogs with their mighty warhammers. Sending them to their graves.

After dispatching the dogs the the half-elf introduced himself to the characters as Beralt–an initiate in the Emerald Enclave. The half-elf is training to be a druid, and he was sent by his master to investigate rumors that some of the local wildlife has been behaving strangely. He was tracking this pack of wild dogs when he found them attacking the boy.

With the boy rescued the party accompanies the boy back to the farm only to find the Demon goats are attacking the children and the vile two headed goat has grown to the size of a horse.


Quickly they unload a volley of bolts  into several of the goats felling 3 of them. One of the demonic goats charges Shamiamus knocking him to the ground and injuring him gravely. The horrid Two headed goat charges in and impales Shamiamus on his horns. As two more nearly do the same to Eko. After the party regroups they focus on the the two headed fiend and make short work of him. Higar calls out to his god and his healing light shined upon Shamiamus. Dresmorlin side steps past one of the goats and makes a devastating “poking” attack and pierces the goat through the throat. As it dies it screams as only a goat can.

With the goats dispatched and the children safe the adventurers are invited to stay the evening and have dinner with the Farbough family. That night Zerus is plagued with a horrible nightmare. He has vissions of being trapped under ground with roots wrapping around him dripping with blood. With the mad mans prophecy sting ringing in his ears he awakens. He tells the party of his dream and advises them to investigate the Goodroot  farm. The party sets off to find out if there is anything to this strange dream…


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