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First I want to say thank you to all of you who made it last night. I wanted to do a recap of last nights session along with some more detailed notes and back ground on the area.

Adventure Background

Like many of the other towns and cities on the Moonsea, Hillsfar has seen its share of warfare and turmoil. Hostilities with the elves of Cormanthor, with Zhentil Keep, with the Shadovar, and with their own morally questionable leadership have plagued Hillsfar for more than a century. For the first time in a long time, the people of Hillsfar can look outside their walls and not see a dire threat looming at their gates. Or at least, none that are obvious. Rampant xenophobia, steeped in years of misdirected fear and outrage, have led to not just a citizenry distrustful of any non-humans, but also to a series of laws outright forbidding anyone other than humans to become citizens of Hillsfar. The laws of the government and the attitudes of the human citizens mean that the only nonhumans allowed into the city are slaves, most of whom fight for their lives at the Arena–to the delighted jeers of the human populace. The outskirts and rural lands around Hillsfar, because of these laws, are littered with non-human refugees, many who lost everything when they were evicted from their homes and businesses within the city. Some of these refugees plot against the authorities of their former home, but most simply try to survive through commerce, farming, or other legal (or illegal) pursuits. When rumors of strange happenings around Hillsfar reached the ears of the five factions, representatives of each established camps near the village of Elventree. From these bases, the factions send out agents to investigate these strange tales, hoping to prevent any major calamities–or profit from them.


Recap of game night.


The party after hearing about the strange happenings in Hillsfar decide to travel to the area and see what is going on. On the first night of travels they set up camp. As the sun goes down Shamus the Half Elf Paladin  wanders around the forest foraging for mushrooms and other food for the nights dinner. While Eko the Dragonborn fighter and Zeddicus the Aaraora Sorcerer get the fire going. Zerus the water Genasi rummages through his pack and brings out his dragon chess set and challenges Dresmorlin the Drow Rouge. With Sharp ears Dresmorlin and Zeddicus her movement in the bushes a second to late as arrows begin to fly from all out of the forset on all sides. After a fierce battle the attacking goblins are put down. The party is able to rest the rest of the evening with out event.

The next day the party set off for Hillsfar. Along the trail a crazed man burst from the trees with madness in his eyes. He was in old and tattered clothing and had self inflicted cuts and wounds all over his body. He kept repeating the same phrases over and over. The phrases strike you more as prophecy than madness. Zerus follows the old mans path back through the woods and eventually finds a clearing. On the other side of the clearing a bustling farmers market was seen. Zerus rejoined the group as they were laying the corpse to rest. The party heads to the market and questions some of the vendors and learns of two farms that match the description from the prophecy .

The Party travels to Farbough Farms and are offered food in exchange for some chores. They are asked to find one of the kids who have wandered off. As well as to help one of the goats that is having babies.


Dresmorlin steps up to help with his incredible knowledge of animal husbandry and tries to calm the beast by repeatedly poking it in the eye. Zeddicus moves in to save the day and actually helps deliver the goats. However something is wrong. The first Kid out is a large two headed monstrosity and she gives birth to 5 other goats in total. As the goats get their footing and wander out to the pasture Zerus and his amazing athleticism  tries to round up the goats and put them in a pin. After many failed attempts on his part the rest of the party join him and they are able to get the goats rounded up. After tending to the mama goat and administering medical they are able to save it’s life. The boy who owns the goat is so thankful he gives Zeddicus a small wooden goat he made. With everything seeming to be in hand the party sets off to find the missing boy.



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