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This site is dedicated to Board Games. Those that know me know that I love board games. Every year I host a couple large gaming events for charity. I have done Extra Life for the last 3 years and have raised over 10k to help the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. I am now trying to build a following of like minded Gamers who love playing but want to help others while doing so! I am working on a website as well as a Youtube channel. I will review games, give crafting tips, Host charity gaming events. If this sounds like something you would be interested in. Then you have come to the right place! Check us out on Face book and give us a like.


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Character log: Kirashi Skullsplitter joins the adventuring band



Kirashi Skullsplitter joins the adventuring band: I should have been more careful around the slavers. I find it difficult to control my emotions around them, especially those working for House Killhaven. Someday I will avenge my mother and find a way to rescue my brother; someday Lucas Killhaven’s corpse will become a plaything for wild dogs. I might have been safe from the slavers if I hadn’t been so curious. But I couldn’t help myself. There were too many strange occurrences happening in the area. I felt compelled to leave my secret cave in the mountains and investigate the area around Hillsfar. I had been shadowing a curious band of multi-racial adventurers for several days. I watched as they beat back a nighttime ambush by goblins, saved a Tiefling boy from wild dogs, and slew several demonic goats. I considered joining them, but I could not be sure if they would accept me. I could not help noticing that there were no humans in the group and that they were all male. It wasn’t until I saw them treat the small girl so kindly at the Goodroot Farm that I realized they could be trusted. And so I went back to the hidden cache to collect my weapons and belongings when I stumbled upon the Killhaven slavers. They were dragging a half-orc woman and joking about how enjoyable it would be to see her beaten in the pit. I probably should have walked away, but I couldn’t bear to see this proud woman treated so poorly. I pounced on the lead slaver and knocked him to the ground with a boot to his face. Within seconds I was surrounded by the slavers and fighting for my life. The slave fled in the confusion, leaving me all alone with the slavers. Suddenly I was dazed by a blow to my head from behind. As I lay on the ground in a stupor, struggling to remain conscious, I heard the slavers lamenting that they had lost the half-orc slave. They said they needed to produce a slave for tonight’s entertainment and decided I would have to do. They all joked about how they would have a little entertainment of their own after I was beaten in the pit. I blacked out and awoke in a locked room. Before I had any chance to escape, the door flung open and several armed men came for me. They dragged me out of the room and dumped me into a pit. Across from me was a shirtless man who stared at me with loathing. A crowd of drunken humans surrounded the pit. The crowd cheered as the shirtless man described how he was going to “destroy the filthy halforc scum”. I looked down and saw that my entire body was covered in greenish dye, mud, and dung. Apparently I was the “half-orc”. Before I had any chance to protest, the fight began. The shirtless man circled the pit and shouted racial slurs at me. But he was overconfident. As he continued his arrogant verbal assault, I called upon the Spirit of the Bear. I felt the rage building up inside of me, begging for release. My opponent moved in to begin the melee, but I barely felt his blows as I was consumed with rage. He seemed a little confused that his punches did not have the desired effect. But I didn’t give him long to think about it and soon pummeled him to the ground. The crowd became angry that I had so readily dispatched their champion and began calling for my blood. The armed men who had dragged me into this fight surrounded me. I was determined to fight them all when suddenly I heard a roar from across the room. A Dragonborn warrior approached the pit and demanded that I be released. I recognized this warrior. He was from the adventuring band I had determined to join.
I allowed the rage to leave me as I watched the unfolding events. The Dragonborn warrior faced down my captors and beat down their leader, forcing them to flee. Then the warrior invited me to join him and leave before law enforcement arrived. I gratefully accepted the offer to join the Dragonborn’s group as this had been my intent anyway. I fled with the adventuring band into the night.

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Zordak’s Log


Log entry; 06/16/2016; Cha-cha-cha changes …
Our time at the Inn was short lived. The humans here in Hillsfar are wary of non-human races, almost xenophobic. Dresmorlin decided to take his leave of the company, not wanting to put all of us in greater danger from bounty hunters, he has left us seeking other adventures. Shamiamus left a cryptic note about needing to “see a man about a horse …” and was no where to be found the following morning. The five remaining members of the company set about resupplying in the town from the few vendors who would deal with “our kind”. I pity these humans and their fear of the unknown. I have spent part of the evening trying to gather more information on Murtogz path, but it is difficult to obtain information from so scared a species as these humans in Hillsfar. I met up with the remaining members of the company in the tavern for ales and plans on how to deal with the growing unrest we have noticed in the area. I overheard the men a the table next to us discussing a spring in the woods blessed by a goddess. Several other members of the group had either heard similar rumors or were cursed with demented dreams during the night that included visions of strang creatures in the woods and a churc yard full of corruption and evil sorcery. We decided to venture forth to the spring and then on to a local abandoned church nearby. As we were about to set off into the woods, the captain I had previously intimidated and her soldiers brought in a prisoner to the fighting pits that serve as entertainment in this oddly large tavern. Their slave/prisoner was placed in the pit, weaponless and without armor. This is no way for gladiators to do battle. When the prisoner triumphed in the first fight, the guard captain proceeded to order her soldiers to assualt the prisoner. I am torn by this scene as my respect for the law and the authority of those who uphold it is well established by my upbringing and education, but it is in my blood to help those who are suffering and in need and protect them the horrors of this world. This struck me as a horror, more than justice. I stepped forward to intervene and was forced to cross blades with the captain. I was able to knock her unconscioius with the pommel of my greatsword. Her soldiers picked up her limp body and fled. As they did so they warned us that the militia would be back for us. The company agreed it was time to make our exit from this place. I asked the prisoner to join us, as I was certain the militia would not be kind if she were to stay behind.

Log entry; 06/17/2016; the forest is dark and full of … werewolves!
We were not lead astray by thet rumors! The forest beyond Hillsfar is consumed by dark magic. We were subjected to demented illusions, pit traps, and lycanthropes. We made it the spring after being ravaged by these horrors and found that it was indeed blessed by a kind goddess. We drank from it and were healed and to our astonishment felt, hmmm, how to describe it, inspired. The very real spectre of undead horrors and things that go bump in the night, I have found, is never far removed from those mortals who would use that dark power to corrupt others for their own evil ends. As we approached the church graveyard we fell upon cultists performing bizarre rituals. We dispatched them and their zombie slaves and discovered that one of the crypts they were protecting had a secret passage. A dark stairwell that leads into an inky black catcomb. We decided to camp for the night and get in a long rest before venturing further into that dark and foreboding place. As I write this, I am on first watch and an unsettling sense of dread has entered my mind. I am relying on my years of training wth the Lance Defenders of Tymanther to bolster my mind against the imperceptible magics of this foul place that are no doubt trying to play tricks on me. Rest will not come easily for the company this evening.

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Fantasy Grounds Dungeons & Dragons Session III


Recap of Session II From Zordak Ragefire’s perspective:


Log entry; 06/11/2016; Unusual Combat and What Follows
The events of the past evening are still fresh in my mind. The elven girl showed us the grim sight of her parents bodies, both decimated by a foul rotting disease and stored in the cellar under the farm house. She explained that she was to inherit the farm, but that she needed to come of age first and needed to get the shipment of beet juice delivered to buy her time. She then led us into a large antechamber off of the cellar where she was harboring a drow. He too was afflicted with the rotting disease and lay dying in the corner of the room, but was alive enough to speak with us. One of the company members was able to determine the origins of the fungal disease with use of his knowledge of nature. As we engaged the drow in conversations we were beset by dark dwarf from the Underdark and his two very large henchmen. They may have been half-giants. The dark dwarf demanded that we turn over the drow and then the room went black. The elf girl screamed and my new comrades drew their weapons. A mad melee ensued! As I am unable to see in the dark, I forced to hold any attack I might have made and instead lit a torch and flung it into the center of the room. With our collective sight restored, we were able to dispatch the dark dwarf’s henchmen and subdue the dwarf, but not without heavy casualties to our company. Fortunately the company travels with a dwarf who is practiced in the arts of healing magic. I have come to know him as Higar Mettlebender. We searched the corpses and found documents that looked like wanted posters. We surmised that this dark dwarf and his henchmen must have been bounty hunters. One poster contained a picture of the now dead drow that the elf girl was harboring and another, well, the picture drawn on it looked remarkably like one of the company members, a drow himself named Dresmorlin. This is worriesome news to the company as it means we will now trod an even more dangerous path with bounty hunters in pursuit of Dresmorlin. The elf girl beseeched us to help her complete her order of filling eight full casks of beet juice so that the Red Plume military would not take her farm and lands from her. Not delivering on a contract in the Hillsfar area appears to be grounds enough to get the authorities involved. We stayed and helped her complete the order, but there wasn’t enough time to finish all eight of the casks. We decided to deliver the six casks we were able to complete and our dark dwarf prisoner as compensation for the missing barrels. When the Red Plumes arrived I was forced to intercede on the elf girl’s behalf and intimidate the militia leader into taking the deal. We retired to the local town and found a tavern where we could resupply and rest. During this time I have learned the names of the company whom have graciously allowed me to join them. They appear to be a capable group I will study them and hope to learn more about the roles they will play as we travel:
Higar Mettlebender – Dwarf Priest
Eko – Dragonborn Warrior (shares my zeal for battle)
Zerus – Genasi
Zeddicus – Wizard
Dresmorlin – Dark Elf (I will keep an eye on this one)
Shamiamus – Half Elf (I will keep an eye on my coin purse around this one)
I have sealed a letter with my signet and dispatched it to my home in Djerad Thymar to update my family on my progress in hunting Murtogz and that with the additional support from this mercenary company I remain hopeful in my quest to safely return Zala and exact vengeance on the villainous scum who took her from us.

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Character Spotlight: Zordak Ragefire



The Ragefire family is well respected in Djerad Thymar and are increasingly loyal to house Tarhun. Born into the noble house of Ragefire in Tymanther in the capital city of Djerad Thymar, Zordak, eldest son of the Ragefire family, was raised to be better than the rest, but to help those in need. His immense size and lightning speed helped him quickly move up through the ranks of the Lance Defenders and he was the youngest dragonborn ever to attain knighthood. He showed a great capacity for not only the martial skills, but also in strategy and gamesmanship. So adept was he at the non-combative components of warfare, that the wizards of Djerad Thymar approached his noble father, Angor Ragefire, about placing Zordak in one of the schools of magic. Angor left the decision to his eldest son, but Zordak declined this honor and defered magical training, until he could prove himself in real combat.

When he was just 20 years old Zordak’s youngest sister, Zala Ragefire, was captured by the black elder wyrm Murtogz who sought to destroy Vanquisher Tahrun by “thinning his brood”. Zordak swore an oath of vengeance and desctruction upon Murtogz and set out into the lands beyond Tymanther to hunt his prey and bring back his sister.

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Character Spotlight: Eko



Eko is a dragon born, but not a typical one. He didn’t know his fellow dragonborns existed. He was unaware of a clan that he should have been raised by. All he knows is war and betrayal. His egg was captured by Maalthiir as he was fleeing Hillsfar Territory. His egg hatched in the midst of a military camp and from birth he was to be used as a weapon for Maalthiir to regain his throne. He was looked down upon by the majority of the military except by the other non-humans that were forced into fighting for Maalthiir, or had agreed to bonds of protection from him for their loved ones. One non-human was the Quartermaster/Weapons expert. He was a half human half Orc named Agarth. Agarth took a liking to Eko from a young age and taught him the true nature of battle. He gave Eko his name, when during his first battle he roared a mighty sound and burnt all his enemies to the ground. Agarth stated “The last thing your enemies will hear will be the echo of your screams. Henceforth, you will be known as Eko.” Agarth taught Eko many things about the times before war when all races were accepted and lived together. This was what was promised to Agarth from Maalthiir once he regained the throne in exchange for his military and training expertise. Upon the last siege of the Lord’s tower, Eko mauled through person after person, killing all in sight. Once the Lord took his throne he issued the decree to evict all non-humans. Some of the soldiers had resented the strict training and harshness of Agarth towards them and slaughtered him, attempting to kill Eko as well. Agarth was caught off guard by his comrades and soldiers he had trained. His head was removed clean from his shoulders and paraded around on a stick. When they tried to do the same to Eko his thick scales prevented his decapitation, leaving him with a deep crescent shaped scar from his neck to his shoulder. He was able to torch his enemies and escape from the city. Due to the betrayal, Eko has a blind hatred towards the Red Plumes and anyone that treats others unfairly. He is ruthless in combat due to his extensive training, but is often plagued by nightmares of his mentor’s death. All that matters to him now is regaining some level of peace in the world where humans and non-humans can live side by side. He would like to find the DragonBorn clan he should have been raised by, but does not know where to begin looking since he has only ever met one or two other Dragonborns.

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Character Spotlight: Higar Mettlebender



To the eyes of a lesser race, the round room was black as pitch and the power that flowed through it was thick and heavy. To the young acolyte kneeling motionless in it’s center, the power of Clengeddin Silverbeard shone like a full moon from the twelve purple-tinged runes that adorned the walls and flowed into his torso, both testing his will and girding his strength for what lie ahead. He was not sure exactly how long he had been meditating in this most sacred of rooms, though he knew it had been at least a week and that the appointed hour was surely soon at hand. He felt no hunger or thirst, for, in this place, the strength of the Father of Battle was more than sufficient to sustain him. A slight rumbling signaled to him that the small bolt hole that served as a door to this room had opened behind him and he heard the rumbling bass of High Priest Durogar Hardmetal, “The Test of Mettle awaits-finish your preparations.” Finishing the prayer he had been chanting for a week, Higar Cromit rose smoothly to his feet and turned to face his elder, warhammer resting loosely over his shoulder, he strode out of the door with the light of the Wyrmslayer burning brightly in his eyes…

Three days later, he emerged from the testing grounds, bloodied and exhausted, but still standing tall with just a hint of the Giantkiller’s purple glory still visible behind his eyes. The grueling test was at its end and he felt the changes the crucible had etched into his heart and spirit. His clan and brethern waited for him in the Great Hall; sitting quietly around tables heavy laden with freshly cooked game, trenchers filled with aromatic stew and newly-tapped casks of thick ale. The youngest of the Cromit name gave himself a moment to look across the room at his family and to smile at his mother and father who sat there watching him with pride in their eyes. The savory scent of the waiting food filled the hall, reminding him that he hadn’t eaten in over ten days and the first pangs of hunger swept through him like a wave even as he felt the immense holy power that had filled him for days fading more and more. But there was still one task to complete before he, or any other of the assembled host, could eat.

Head high, warhammer once again resting on his shoulder, Higar Cromit strode across the room and knelt before a simple stone table above which hung two crossed battleaxes. A miniature version of the symbol lie waiting for him on the table; looking closely, he could see the gentle swirls that were indicitive of his father’s forgework. Reaching out, he softly repeated the words he had spent a week chanting just a few days before and smiled as the last of the heavy purple light he had carried through his test traced down his arms and infused the heavy steel. As his prayer neared completion, the room held their collective breath. He uttered the last syllable and grasped the symbol and the strong baritone of the Lord of Twin Axes rang out in the still cave, “Stand, my son. I name you Higar Mettlebender. Go forth and spread the word of my glory to the world.” The cheers of the assembled mass were so deafening that none but Higar the softly whispered, “Grow strong, for darkness approaches.”

The feast was legendary, even amongst the dwarves. It had been two generations since a young acolyte was charged with becoming an adventuring priest upon finishing the Test. A week later, the newest Mettlebender walked into the sun, carrying the hopes of his people on his back and a small sliver of fear in his heart.

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Fantasy Grounds Dungeons & Dragons Session II


Recap of Session II

We join our adventurers as they set off to find Pynroth the missing tiefling boy. The party heads away from the farm on the east path the day is hot and muggy the ground still wet from the past rains. As they make their way down the path the adventurers notice tracks on the ground the observant Shamiamus spots that this appears to be a large pack of canines with one set of tracks that are much larger than the rest.


Hearing growling and barking from further down the path they rush ahead. The Party comes to a clearing into a pasture.  The normally bucolic setting is marred by a pack of wild dogs surrounding two figures, huddling together in fear. The larger figure is half-elven, wearing leather armor and clumsily brandishing a sickle to keep the yipping, growling dogs at bay. The half-elf has his other arm around a tiefling boy, presumably Pynroth. Tears in the half-elf’s cloak and blood on his arm showed that the wild dogs meant business.


Eko and Dresmorlin rush forward to help fight off the dogs as they do the dogs round on them. 8 rabid wild dogs rushed them. As Eko and Dresmorlin held off 5 of the dogs 3 of them made their way past to engage the rest of the party. With the party engaged the Monstrous Alpha Dog springs from behind and jumped on Zerus who was barley able to remain standing under the fierce attack.


As Shamiamus, Zerus , Zeddicus and Higar the Dwaven cleric fight off the Alpha and 3 wild dogs Eko makes a bold move dodging past several of the dogs. Eko unleashes his Dragonborn fire breath.


Making quick work of 4 or the 5 dogs as Dresmorlin’s rapier struck true and felled the the last of the dogs they were facing.

Meanwhile Zerus unleashed burning hands on the alpha dog burning away its matted mange filled coat. Shamiamus and Higar rain blows on the 3 remaining wild dogs with their mighty warhammers. Sending them to their graves.

After dispatching the dogs the the half-elf introduced himself to the characters as Beralt–an initiate in the Emerald Enclave. The half-elf is training to be a druid, and he was sent by his master to investigate rumors that some of the local wildlife has been behaving strangely. He was tracking this pack of wild dogs when he found them attacking the boy.

With the boy rescued the party accompanies the boy back to the farm only to find the Demon goats are attacking the children and the vile two headed goat has grown to the size of a horse.


Quickly they unload a volley of bolts  into several of the goats felling 3 of them. One of the demonic goats charges Shamiamus knocking him to the ground and injuring him gravely. The horrid Two headed goat charges in and impales Shamiamus on his horns. As two more nearly do the same to Eko. After the party regroups they focus on the the two headed fiend and make short work of him. Higar calls out to his god and his healing light shined upon Shamiamus. Dresmorlin side steps past one of the goats and makes a devastating “poking” attack and pierces the goat through the throat. As it dies it screams as only a goat can.

With the goats dispatched and the children safe the adventurers are invited to stay the evening and have dinner with the Farbough family. That night Zerus is plagued with a horrible nightmare. He has vissions of being trapped under ground with roots wrapping around him dripping with blood. With the mad mans prophecy sting ringing in his ears he awakens. He tells the party of his dream and advises them to investigate the Goodroot  farm. The party sets off to find out if there is anything to this strange dream…


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Fantasy Grounds Dungeons & Dragons


First I want to say thank you to all of you who made it last night. I wanted to do a recap of last nights session along with some more detailed notes and back ground on the area.

Adventure Background

Like many of the other towns and cities on the Moonsea, Hillsfar has seen its share of warfare and turmoil. Hostilities with the elves of Cormanthor, with Zhentil Keep, with the Shadovar, and with their own morally questionable leadership have plagued Hillsfar for more than a century. For the first time in a long time, the people of Hillsfar can look outside their walls and not see a dire threat looming at their gates. Or at least, none that are obvious. Rampant xenophobia, steeped in years of misdirected fear and outrage, have led to not just a citizenry distrustful of any non-humans, but also to a series of laws outright forbidding anyone other than humans to become citizens of Hillsfar. The laws of the government and the attitudes of the human citizens mean that the only nonhumans allowed into the city are slaves, most of whom fight for their lives at the Arena–to the delighted jeers of the human populace. The outskirts and rural lands around Hillsfar, because of these laws, are littered with non-human refugees, many who lost everything when they were evicted from their homes and businesses within the city. Some of these refugees plot against the authorities of their former home, but most simply try to survive through commerce, farming, or other legal (or illegal) pursuits. When rumors of strange happenings around Hillsfar reached the ears of the five factions, representatives of each established camps near the village of Elventree. From these bases, the factions send out agents to investigate these strange tales, hoping to prevent any major calamities–or profit from them.


Recap of game night.


The party after hearing about the strange happenings in Hillsfar decide to travel to the area and see what is going on. On the first night of travels they set up camp. As the sun goes down Shamus the Half Elf Paladin  wanders around the forest foraging for mushrooms and other food for the nights dinner. While Eko the Dragonborn fighter and Zeddicus the Aaraora Sorcerer get the fire going. Zerus the water Genasi rummages through his pack and brings out his dragon chess set and challenges Dresmorlin the Drow Rouge. With Sharp ears Dresmorlin and Zeddicus her movement in the bushes a second to late as arrows begin to fly from all out of the forset on all sides. After a fierce battle the attacking goblins are put down. The party is able to rest the rest of the evening with out event.

The next day the party set off for Hillsfar. Along the trail a crazed man burst from the trees with madness in his eyes. He was in old and tattered clothing and had self inflicted cuts and wounds all over his body. He kept repeating the same phrases over and over. The phrases strike you more as prophecy than madness. Zerus follows the old mans path back through the woods and eventually finds a clearing. On the other side of the clearing a bustling farmers market was seen. Zerus rejoined the group as they were laying the corpse to rest. The party heads to the market and questions some of the vendors and learns of two farms that match the description from the prophecy .

The Party travels to Farbough Farms and are offered food in exchange for some chores. They are asked to find one of the kids who have wandered off. As well as to help one of the goats that is having babies.


Dresmorlin steps up to help with his incredible knowledge of animal husbandry and tries to calm the beast by repeatedly poking it in the eye. Zeddicus moves in to save the day and actually helps deliver the goats. However something is wrong. The first Kid out is a large two headed monstrosity and she gives birth to 5 other goats in total. As the goats get their footing and wander out to the pasture Zerus and his amazing athleticism  tries to round up the goats and put them in a pin. After many failed attempts on his part the rest of the party join him and they are able to get the goats rounded up. After tending to the mama goat and administering medical they are able to save it’s life. The boy who owns the goat is so thankful he gives Zeddicus a small wooden goat he made. With everything seeming to be in hand the party sets off to find the missing boy.



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San Antonio Nerd Night February benefiting Sam Ministries at Magic Bean


Join on  February 12 @ 7:00 pm11:55 pm

Magic Beans Gaming Cafe 15139 Bulverde Rd #103

San Antonio, TX 78247 United States



This month we will tackle the issue of homelessness in San Antonio. Our benefit charity is SAMMinistries, whose mission is to help the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless attain self-sufficiency by offering, with dignity and compassion, shelter, housing, and services. Since 2008, SAMM has prevented 20,000 San Antonians from entering homelessness. Each night, SAMM offers 350 families a place to call home. In 2014, 98% of the families served through SAMM’s Homeless Prevention Program remained out of homelessness after 18 months.

February Nerd Night will specifically be targeting item collection for “Welcome Baskets,” given to each family as they enter SAMMinistries’ Transitional Housing program. These baskets give families much-needed household goods as they begin their journey to self-sufficiency. We will collect the following items at Nerd Night and deliver them to SAMM’s donation center.

Dish Sets & Large Plastic Cups
Flatware Sets
Pots & Pans
Cooking Tools (ex: wooden spoons)
Oven Mitts & Pot Holders

Sheet Sets: Twin & Full
Crib Sheets
Comforters: Twin & Full
Towel Sets: Bath, Hand & Washcloths

Buckets & Sponge Mops
All-Purpose Cleaner
Antibacterial Wipes & Bleach
Brooms & Dustpans
Dish Detergent
Toilet Brushes & Toilet Cleaner

Garbage Cans & Trash Bags, 13-gallon
Laundry Detergent
Laundry Baskets

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Dead of Winter Board Game sound track!

Winter sound track for a great game!

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